6 Tips for a Perfect Presentation

As product managers, we often need to stand in the spotlight and give a presentation to our co-workers and managing executives. Creating a good and memorable presentation that gives value and showcase our work to the listening audience is always a challenge. We often overload our presentations with too much information that can cause us to lose the focus of our audience.

I recommend everyone (not just product managers) to watch this great TEDx by David JP Phillips called “How to avoid death by Power Point” and learn how to build great presentations that will give true value to your listeners.

And these are his 6 tips:

1. One Message Per Slide

2. Use Contrast to Steer Focus

3. Use Different Sizes to Steer Focus

4. Avoid Long Sentences When Speaking at the Same Time

5. Use Dark Backgrounds

6. Use Six or Less Objects per Slide




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